Instructor Testimonial

glob iconThe teleconferencing capabilities provided by GBSI were the best I've ever encountered. As the instructor, with the remote students visible on a large screen at the back of the room, the effect was that of a very large classroom with several students sitting in the back rows. It was a nearly seamless experience, and I would highly recommend GBSI for future classes of this nature.
Mark - Maverick Solutions


Client Testimonial

glob iconWith limited conference room space suitable for a training class for 16 students at our corporate facility we were fortunate to cross paths with GBSI.  Our contact with Tom and his staff was extraordinary and made me feel confident that the facility will meet our expectations in the equipment and amenities for the students and the out of town trainer.  With a strict budget I was pleased that GBSI offers very competitive rates and is well worth the cost to ensure a great environment for learning.  I fully endorse GBSI for their facilities and our training was a great success!
Scott – Cochran Inc.


Instructor Testimonial

glob iconAs a computer training instructor for decades, I have taught in a great variety of venues, including many corporate training centers and classrooms. I have been delivering classes at Global Business Solutions, Inc.'s, training suite in Bellevue, Washington, (and more recently, at their new locations in Everett and Renton, Washington) frequently since 2009. Overall, these are probably the best training situations I have encountered in 25 years of teaching. Classrooms are modern and fully-equipped; systems are always configured properly for the class, with excellent support from GBSI's Bellevue-based technical personnel. The training suites themselves are spacious and comfortable; and the staffs at all three sites are absolutely first-rate in their support and in their hospitality to students and instructors alike. Moreover, GBSI seem to have their "formula" for training centers down pat: When I taught at the Everett center, they informed me that they had been hosting actual classes for only 9 days; yet the facilities and services were already at about 95% of those at the Bellevue center, which has been operating for years.

All three sites are great places for my classes: Virtually all the details are completely accounted for, leaving me totally free to present my classes and support my students.


Instructor Testimonial 

glob iconWanted to take a moment to share my experience with delivering class at the Renton GBSI education facility.
I have logged in the neighborhood of 17,000 Instructor hours to a wide variety of Boeing and non Boeing students. Have worked in Boeing classrooms from Philly to BLC to So Cal.
I delivered class this past Thrs and Friday at the subject line facility and can report that the learning environment and support staff were nothing less than outstanding.

-The GBSI Education Coordinator at the Renton site, is a pro along w/ others on staff. Very attentive and very much involved w/ the class success
-The facility and room had a noted positive impact on the overall learning environment and student enthusiasm. Set a great “feeling tone” allowing the students to feel safe, comfortable, and important
-The schedulers did a great job, made my job easier and a joy to perform as an Instructor
-Those responsible for assuring that course materials were there, ready to go were “spot on” w/ accuracy, and delivery
My hat is off to those responsible for forming the partnership w/ GBSI, may we both “live long and prosper!"
I will look for future opportunities where I get the privilege to deliver class at a GBSI facility.

Sid M.


Client Testimonial

glob icon I want to take a moment, however, to tell you how impressed I personally have been with you, your staff and the level of service we receive whenever we have a class in your center.  I was involved with the last three classes you hosted for us; I know how many unusual requests we threw at you.  Whether it is coordinating us getting into the classes at 5:30 am; or saving us when the caterer forgets plates; or letting us use the scanner and other office equipment in the lobby as an office away from home; the people of your organization are accommodating, resourceful, attentive and considerate. When we need classroom space again in the future, you can count on being the first people we call.

Ken P.

 Student Testimonial

glob icon Class Gave me CONFIDENCE to EXPLORE all the dynamics of Word that I Never Used, because I never :
A.  Thought to use them, or B. Didn’t know they existed.  Instructor added to the book, the common things that people WANT, or have asked her in the past….  We learned how to Customize the program to do what I WANT, as opposed to what the program thinks most people want…. This was especially important for this audience, since they were coming from Word Perfect (I was coming from Word 2003). How to use HELP:  I learned how to find tools I need instead of being intimidated by the program, give up in exasperation and return to my old version of MS Office 2003.
The MAIN Difference between other training companies & GBSI – The Personal Touch!!!!
GBSI has so much more to offer!!!!  The most important VALUE is a flesh & bone person you can SEE.
OTHER Students you can discuss questions with…. Immediately following along with the Instructor, instead of having to get the instructor to come view my “lab” remotely when I get lost….. Instructor really focused on WHAT WE REALLY wanted to learn – by reviewing our list of what we wanted---she had it on the board, and reviewed it to ensure all questions were answered… Students can interact with each other, to discuss the material and the challenges they face on their jobs with the program.

Louis M.




Acceletrain CLE features

block photo vilt

• Live, personal, classroom training
• Connects multiple classrooms
• Reduces instructor and travel costs
• Classrooms can be installed at your locations
• Enhances student collaboration
• Is independent of class size
• Is independent of time zone
• Mobile student interaction available




Training Services

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• Curriculum Development and Maintenance
• Training Management and Administration
• Live, virtual, Web-based, SCORM compliant components
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Electronic classrooms
• Mobile training and testing equipment
• Vendor authorized training and certification
• Information Assurance and 8570.1-M Training
• Distance Learning
• Battle command training and education



IT Solutions

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• Application design, development, and integration
• Data center and technical support
• Help desk and operations services
• Database design and development
• Software engineering and consulting 
• Systems engineering and technology integration 
• Technology modernization and refresh
• Web application design and programming




Cyber Security

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In this rapidly expanding digital age, information sharing across networks and systems demands faultless protection of sensitive data. GBSI works diligently to ensure our security solutions surpass government and industry standards for information protection and risk aversion in the business process. We understand there is zero margin for error when it comes to transferring, processing, and storing critical information.