GBSI presents a multitude of training and classroom environments crafted to help you meet your goals at your pace and on your budget.  Providing premium content to complement our delivery methods and expert instruction give you access to blended learning solutions that are catered to your needs.  Read more about our classroom and virtual delivery methods and learn about the benefits of Acceletrain CLE, our innovative and cost-effective approach that combines the benefits of traditional classroom training with the cost and travel savings associated with web-based training.
Instructor-Led Classroom Training
GBSI is the worldwide leader in innovative instructor-led training solutions. Classroom training allows your student’s direct contact with our industry certified experts during lecture and hands-on labs. Instructors mentor students through labs and breakout sessions to enhance content retention and grasp real life experiences.
Our pool of instructors is composed of only the best in the industry. Resumes and certifications are on file and available upon request.
Internet-based Training (Webinars)
Web-based learning is often necessary for students working from home or traveling for work.  Students can follow along with the instructor as they navigate through Power Point presentations, labs and video clips to facilitate the class from a remote location. Voiceover IP and conference calling allow students to experience the “classroom feel” from their home or office and the ability to talk with Subject Matter Experts directly or through a chat interface. Lab sessions remain open and accessible after the class for those who want to try it on their own.

Acceletrain CLE
Experience the classroom of the future through the Acceletrain Collaborative Learning Environment. Our system places industry-certified, expert instructors, learners and multi-media components into a borderless classroom. This interactive learning environment can span across multiple locations while combining high definition (HD) video with high fidelity audio to allow full instructor support through the lecture and lab components of your class.

Students can see and interact with each other through breakout sessions and video conferencing, while the instructor can control each student workstation in order to provide one-on-one assistance and mentoring for students that need a little extra help. Students will receive a 30-day login to their course materials and labs to continue their learning after the training session, and can submit questions directly to their instructor and/or mentor to get continued support after course completion.

Our innovative Acceletrain CLE Solutions Include:
• Multiple Classrooms Synchronized
• Multiple Presenters Synchronized
• Public and Secured Private Training
• Unlimited Locations
• Guaranteed to Run Public Training
• More Hands-on Lab Time
• Direct Lab and Technical Support
• Greater Student Retention
• Remediation Options
• Record and Playback 

Acceletrain CLE Features
• LIVE, in classroom training
• Uses television broadcast techniques
• Classes can be secured and taught across multiple classrooms concurrently
• Classrooms can be installed at your locations
• Can be recorded and used for remediation
• Independent of class size
• Independent of time zone
• Reduces travel budgets


Acceletrain CLE features

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• Live, personal, classroom training
• Connects multiple classrooms
• Reduces instructor and travel costs
• Classrooms can be installed at your locations
• Enhances student collaboration
• Is independent of class size
• Is independent of time zone
• Mobile student interaction available




Training Services

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• Curriculum Development and Maintenance
• Training Management and Administration
• Live, virtual, Web-based, SCORM compliant components
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Electronic classrooms
• Mobile training and testing equipment
• Vendor authorized training and certification
• Information Assurance and 8570.1-M Training
• Distance Learning
• Battle command training and education



IT Solutions

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• Application design, development, and integration
• Data center and technical support
• Help desk and operations services
• Database design and development
• Software engineering and consulting 
• Systems engineering and technology integration 
• Technology modernization and refresh
• Web application design and programming




Cyber Security

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In this rapidly expanding digital age, information sharing across networks and systems demands faultless protection of sensitive data. GBSI works diligently to ensure our security solutions surpass government and industry standards for information protection and risk aversion in the business process. We understand there is zero margin for error when it comes to transferring, processing, and storing critical information.