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Positive attitude, respectful behavior, and authentic personalities with trustworthy actions.

GBSI’s corporate culture is not just a critical element for our success. It DRIVES our success. It is a product of our company’s shared values, beliefs and behaviors. It impacts our employees, management, and customers.

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GBSI’s culture is characterized by the three C’s - Collaboration, Communication and Caring:

COLLABORATION is a team concept that is a normal way of conducting daily operations within GBSI. While we have people in positions of authority we value each person’s input equally and unbiased.

COMMUNICATION is an open forum at GBSI. Each member of the team has strength and expertise in providing value to the corporation. Our open forum of communication allows stronger relationships among ourselves, our customers, our products and our community.

CARING for our customers, clients, co-workers and community. GBSI is a business that allows beliefs to be mentioned and respected. We need no façade as our daily conduct is sincere.

“People are more comfortable and at peace with others when everyone is authentic. Trustworthy people (and businesses) prosper in the end. People like to know that they are treated fairly, and they will return to where they feel happy.”

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Acceletrain CLE features

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• Live, personal, classroom training
• Connects multiple classrooms
• Reduces instructor and travel costs
• Classrooms can be installed at your locations
• Enhances student collaboration
• Is independent of class size
• Is independent of time zone
• Mobile student interaction available




Training Services

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• Curriculum Development and Maintenance
• Training Management and Administration
• Live, virtual, Web-based, SCORM compliant components
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Electronic classrooms
• Mobile training and testing equipment
• Vendor authorized training and certification
• Information Assurance and 8570.1-M Training
• Distance Learning
• Battle command training and education



IT Solutions

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• Application design, development, and integration
• Data center and technical support
• Help desk and operations services
• Database design and development
• Software engineering and consulting 
• Systems engineering and technology integration 
• Technology modernization and refresh
• Web application design and programming




Cyber Security

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In this rapidly expanding digital age, information sharing across networks and systems demands faultless protection of sensitive data. GBSI works diligently to ensure our security solutions surpass government and industry standards for information protection and risk aversion in the business process. We understand there is zero margin for error when it comes to transferring, processing, and storing critical information.